Our care in selecting only the most suitable tenants and our commitment to acting in your best interests at all times ensure that the risks associated with property letting are kept to a minimum giving you peace of mind when letting your property or home and such a valuable asset.

We offer you a very personal and professional property management and letting service across Shrewsbury and the North Shropshire area.

We ensure that every one of our landlords receives a tailored personal service that will exceed your expectations and will not be beaten by the larger National and local high street outlets.

We offer a flexible service that you can tailor to meet your needs and our attention to detail ensures that void periods in properties we manage are virtually non existent.

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News  March 2020

Government Announces Mandatory Electrical Checks

Much anticipated in 2019, the Government finally announced its proposed new regulations for electrical safety in the private rented sector in England.

Full details of the proposed changes can be found on our website. The regulations are due to come into force from 1 July this year for new tenancies, and 1 April 2021 for existing tenancies.

The regulations need to be passed by both Houses of Parliament before they are finalised and come into force – but here’s the key things to know.

1. Regular inspection of electrical installations – at least every five years – will be mandatory for all properties privately rented in England.

2. Landlords will be responsible for ensuring they are using a ‘qualified person’.

3. Landlords will have a duty to share the electrical safety report with existing and prospective tenants

4. Landlords will need to address any issues with the installation within at least 28 days (or more quickly if an urgent issue is identified)

5. Local authorities can issue penalties of up to £30,000 if landlords do not comply

Client Money Protect

In England it is a legal requirement from 1st April 2019 that all letting agents and property management companies to be a member of an approved Client Money Protection Scheme. HsH are fully compliant members of the first government approved protection scheme giving you complete piece of mind. 

The Client Money Protection scheme does not act on behalf of the letting agent. It is an independent membership body that provides the protection of client money whilst held by its members and the Scheme insures its liability for the payment of any claims.


Liability for Water Charges

Did you know Landlords can be billed for their tenant’s water rates arrears if they fail to advise the utility company of the tenant’s details. This is the outcome of recent changes to the law.

Up until recently, a tenant’s arrears of any of the utilities: water, electricity, gas or telephone had not been a concern of the landlord. The contract for the supplies is directly between the legal occupier and the supplier, and the letting agreement should state clearly that the tenant is responsible, so the landlord is invariably in the clear.

This has always been the case until now, except for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), where the landlord is always responsible for utilities supplies to the property and is expected to recover from the individual tenants.

Following the introduction of the Water Industry Act 1999, water utilities companies, unlike all the other utilities, had their traditional threat of cutting off supplies to non-payers withdrawn – they are no longer allowed to use this sanction by law, and effectively have their hands tied on the issue.

This has lead to increasing concerns from the water utilities companies faced with ever increasing debts from tenants, especially when landlords fail or refuse to notify them of tenants’ details.

Following Ofwat and government reviews on how water charges are to be collected, and specifically over this landlord issue, the recommendations have now lead to changes in the law under Part 2, s45 (1-3) of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, which came into force in October this year.

Effectively, what this means is that landlords failing to notify the suppliers (water companies) of a tenant’s details will become jointly and severably liable with their tenants for overdue water charges. Invariably, the easier option for the water companies, therefore, will be to pursue the landlord for the debt, rather than trying to trace and recover from the tenant.

Part of our service is  ensuring that all the utilities suppliers are informed of your tenants’ full details when a new tenancy starts. Likewise, when a tenancy ends we  again inform the utilities companies, providing a forwarding address for the tenants whenever possible. We keep full written records of all notifications on your behalf.

Attracting and keeping Quality Tenants

We believe that if we treat tenants well, they are more likely to respond by taking greater care of their home and your property during the tenancy, and often stay with us for longer as a result. By treating well we mean taking care of repairs quickly including fittings and items which make the property desirable to live in. A good relationship between us (on your behalf) and your tenant is essential to a successful tenancy. We remain professional and respectful and this goes a long way to ensuring good relationships throughout the whole of the tenancy?

We also like to go that extra mile and follow a few of the principles below;

  • Prepare and present a comprehensive inventory and schedule that includes a whole host of useful information about their new home.
  • Leave a bottle of wine in the property as a welcome gift on moving-in day.
  • Carry out repairs expediently throughout the life of the tenancy. Why wait until your tenants leave before then dealing with the matter that they requested to be done all along!
  • Leave ‘your’ tenants alone. They have the right to quiet enjoyment and don’t need us knocking on the door every other week.
  • Respect their time. We don’t expect tenants to wait in during the day for trades-people. It isn’t their job, it’s ours!


Tenant referencing is obviously a vital part of what we do for you in the letting process. It will give both you and us piece of mind that potential tenants can afford the rent and don’t have a dubious rental or credit history. Our referencing and credit checks give us the information needed to make a sound judgement but we also use our instinct. We get to know the tenants, establish rapport and satisfy ourselves through whatever means that the information we are presented with is accurate and trustworthy. This is why meeting tenants personally is such a crucial part of the lettings process.

Our Comprehensive tenant referencing includes:

  • Credit check — looks at tenants’ credit histories.
  • Affordability check — compares tenants’ salaries with the rent, and judges whether the finances stack up.
  • Previous landlord written reference — ascertains whether tenants have a good rental history.
  • Employer written reference — asks their employer to verify that they are a member of staff, and that their disclosed salary is correct.

 If tenants might struggle to afford the rent, then we may ask them to provide a guarantor: someone who will pay the rent if the tenants can’t. The guarantor will also be referenced as proof they can afford the rent if required.

Keeping your finances in order

  • Keep track of your expenses – many are deductible. Keep an accurate record of your rental income- save you or your accountant time.  Don’t bin your expense receipts – keep them organised.   We help our landlords by providing annual statements detailing all income and expenditure!

Renting out your spare room 

Be clear with your lodger with regards to things like house-rules. When drawing up the tenancy agreement, make sure you make it clear who’s responsible for bills. If you are renting out a furnished room in your home, there is a tax threshold on rental income of £4,250.

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